His Midlife Crisis

Men are hitting crisis point the world over. This is partly due to jobs that now require technological skills. Unluckily, many a man just isn’t cut out for it, but women are, and this is why we see more and more females at the top of high paying jobs with each passing year.

Oh No! Not The Typing Pool

Generally speaking, men do not like typing. Almost all typing work in the past was done by women, who worked in areas known as the typing pool. But almost all jobs in offices these days require their staff to spend a large part of their day at the typewriter, or computer keyboard as it’s now called.

Men Are Losing It!

So many men are losing their way. With divorces becoming almost as common as the wedding ceremony, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of men worldwide, are finding themselves home alone at middle age, and without a pot to p*ss in.

It used to be the case that by a time a man reached 50ish, he was pretty much sorted. Not so today. Today’s man can easily find himself without fixed or moveable assets of any real value, no employment to speak of, single and estranged from his family, and lacking in that all important ‘hope’ which is the essence of life itself.

It is any wonder the man of 2012 and beyond is at crisis point?

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