Free Divorce Legal Aid

Dallas Family Law Institutions That Give Free Legal Services

If you are a resident of Dallas and are in need of free legal services relating to family law, there are various organizations you can get in touch with for such assistance. These Dallas family law agents assist low income earning residents and other qualifying special groups with free legal assistance.

Texas Advocacy Project is a non profit organization that provides it is free legal services specifically to victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and stalking. This charity was founded in nineteen eighty-seven and it works in conjunction with other legal stake holders to provide their services. They also have an emergency phone number for victims to call for assistance when there is an emergency.

For those who earn a low income and may not afford legal services, you can seek legal assistance from Legal Aid of North West Texas less. This organization is a charity financed by Texas Access to Justice Foundation and has been in existence since nineteen fifty-one. It provides free legal services for civil cases to those who have low earnings.

Animal Legal Defense Fund is in place to support attorneys who provide free legal services towards animal related cases. This is a pro-animal organization and it seeks to promote and protect the interests of animals.

Catholic Charities of Dallas is a charity formed in eighteen ninety-one and run by the Dallas Catholic church. It has a legal wing that provides legal consultancy and other legal services. These legal services are mainly provided to immigrants in Dallas and especially so for those who live in the INS district. To qualify for these services, the immigrants must be low earners. However, they levy a small charge for their services.

If you need legal assistance to do with child abuse, then you should get in touch with Justice for Children. This organization provides free legal services to child abuse related cases and they also work with other partners to assist these victims beyond the legal services. Through various avenues, they also solicit the government to get more involved in fighting child abuse.

Dallas legal hospice gives free legal services to people who are HIV positive or terminally ill, those who cannot afford legal services and people who have legal complications because of their health. The mission of this Dallas family law charity is to fight for people being discriminated against in their work place, school or any other place due to health related issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    If I receive free legal aid for my divorce do I have to repay from the sale of my house?
    Hi, I am currently undergoing divorce proceedings,I am getting free legal aid but will have to sell the house to pay off my wife,I should still have a lump sum left,will I have to repay my free legal aid?

    • ANSWER:

    How do I find out if my state has free legal aid for a divorce?
    I have had enough!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Call the State Bar in your state, and ask them about getting in touch with Legal Aid. In some states, they will help if the spouse is considered destitute or the marriage presents a danger to her.

    Anyone know if there is low cost/free legal aid for divorce cases?
    My husband led me to believe we didn’t need lawyers and that he would be fair and painted a pretty picture, but now he’s got a lawyer and the divorce papers say he will keep it all and i’ll get nothing. I don’t want much… but at least I’m entitled to my own things…. right?

    • ANSWER:

    I am on JSA and want to file a divorce. can i get any free legal aid for this or will i have to pay for it?
    If i have to pay what kind of money are we talking about?
    im in the UK yea, so pls answer only if your referring to UK law.

    • ANSWER:
      I take it youre in the UK (being as you are on JSA) so american advice not much use here then….

      Actually you can go to WH Smiths and buy yourself a do it yourself divorce kit. It costs £11.00 and contains all the paperwork you will need to actually file the divorce plus instructions on how to fill it all in. If this is to be an uncontested divorce you just need to send the papers in to your local court who will send out to the respondant. check it out in Smiths.

      PS the court will charge a small fee to process the papers.

    where can I find free legal aid?
    I have a friend wants to get a divorce but she has a very low income and would probably qualify for free legal aid to get herself an attorney and file for divorce. Where could she go get the information she needs?

    • ANSWER:
      Welfare R Us!!!!

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