Effects Of Divorce On Parents

Long-term Social Effects of a High Divorce Rate

The changing face of marital relations is determining new family dynamics, which will have an adverse effect on the future of the society. We should bear in mind that children of divorce will become future citizens of tomorrow and our society will look very different because of them.

Absence of a parent: Divorce invariably alienates the child from one of the parents. In most cases, the custody is awarded to the mother. Therefore, most the children of divorce tend to grow up without having their father around for the most of the time. This trend of growing up without a significant presence of a father figure has adverse effects on the mental and physical well being of a girl as well as a boy child.

Growing up without one parent can lead to psychological problems amongst the children, which can directly have an impact on the society that we live in. Children growing up without one parent are more likely to have unstable relationships in future and are more likely to be confused about their gender. The latter can be especially true if the child is staying with the parent of the opposite sex.

Children of Divorce Tend More Likely to Become Delinquents: Recent studies have proved that children who grow up in a divorced home are more likely to engage in criminal activities. In fact, such children are likely to become delinquents by the age of 15, regardless of when the divorce occurred.

Boys who come from divorced families are twice as likely to end up behind the bars than boys from intact families. In addition, they also displayed signs of physical abuse, violence against women, child abuse, and drug abuse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what are effects of parents divorce on personality?
    after watching the child of our time personality special, i’m curious to see what peoples opinions are on the effects of parents divorce on the child’s personality. i think i’m more curious now because for once the programme didn’t make out that all children whose parents are divorced turn to crime. they found that the little girl in the programme was more ‘agreeable’, do you that is caused by parents divorce?

    • ANSWER:
      I believe somehow I have become a better person, I have been through a pretty crazy and not so lucky life, but my broken family kind of made me understand people better, it made me a nicer and caring person. although I do have a few issues when it comes to neediness, attention seeking and other small things like that. but nothing that cant be managed

    what are effects of teenagers with divorced parents?
    i was 4 years old and my sister Ryann was just 2 weeks old when they divorced.
    and i would like to know more about the effects. to see and understand why and what kind of effects on divorced parents.
    ~thank you*
    ~Chelsea* <3
    Right now I am 15 years old
    and yes fighting was involved in my parents divorce. lots, so bad i can remember it like it was yesterday.

    • ANSWER:
      I think it’s better if they have both parents

    What are the negative effects of divorced parents on child physics?

    • ANSWER:
      As a child of divorced parents I felt it was my fault, it was hard because most of my friends parents were still together or had step parents. My mom never remarried so I never got to see what a healthy adult relationship looked like.
      BUT: I am so grateful that my parents did divorce and that I didn’t have to live the life my older brother did. I think that would have done more damage to me than being of a “broken home”. Living with a single mom taught me that I can do anything and I don’t need a man. If one is in my life it’s because I want him there. I can do the housework, raise babies etc.., but I can also build a fence, work on my own car, roof a house, paint a house, you name it I can probably do it or learn very quickly. I’m not bragging, just saying that my mom taught us how to be independent.

    What are the effects of divorced parents on kids? What are these effects?
    Please put links to sites with stories
    or names of books

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, come on now…you need to do your own research! It’s simple:

      1) Go to Yahoo Search
      2) Type in What are the effects of divorce on kids
      3) Hit enter
      4) Within a moment or two you’re get
      12,100,000 results for
      What are the effects of divorce on kids….

      Search resultsFathers and Divorce – The Effects of Divorce on Children and …
      Children are the innocent victims of parents who divorce. … Ways to Spend Quality Time with the Kids. Succeeding as a Divorced Dad. Most Popular …
      fatherhood.about.com/cs/divorceddads/a/divorcekids.htm – Cached
      Dec 30, Divorce-and-Kids
      Divorce-and-Kids: Effects … With the effects of divorce-on-kids,the child should be … One of the effects of divorce-on-kids is that children need to …
      www.here-to-listen.com/divorce-and-kids.html – Cached
      Children coping with divorce
      Parents can ease the effects of divorce on kids with these tips from the experts at WebMD. … to help minimize the negative effects of divorce on your kids: …
      children.webmd.com/kids-coping-divorce – 114k – Cached
      Children and Divorce: Helping Your Kids Cope with Separation …
      … about divorce; Getting help and support to take of yourself and meet your kids needs; … Helping your kids cope with the effects of separation and divorce …
      www.helpguide.org/mental/children_divorce.htm – 72k – Cached
      Effects of Divorce on Children
      Menstuff® has compiled information on the effects of divorce on children. Focus on Kids … Focus on Kids. Parents who are going through divorce often believe …
      www.menstuff.org/issues/byissue/divorce-kids.html – Cached
      Focus on Kids: The Effects of Divorce on Children


    How does a parents’ divorce effect a child’s marriage or choice to marry?
    I believe the rise in divorce several years ago was due to the parents of these men and women divorcing. I also believe the decline of divorce in recent years is a result of many choosing not to marry (single women now out number married women) mainly as a result of seeing their parents divorce.

    Now there are many factors such as careers and the acceptance of divorce as a society, but on a personal level I believe this to be true. Do you agree or disagree? Do you think there are any other factors? Do you have a different hypothesis?

    • ANSWER:
      I think, that people are not getting married anymore because they’ve watched their parents stay married for the simple fact that they have children together. I know, I watched my mother and father do this for years. She didn’t want to leave because she was hell bent on making him take care of his responsibility. He wanted to be single again and live as a bachelor, but he didn’t want to pay child support for four kids.

      So they stayed together, miserable, hateful, and unhappy. And as a result, we the children (the very reason for their marriage) suffered. When the paren’ts aren’t happy, the children arent happy. So it’s not always the divorce of a parents marriage that effects a persons choice to marry, it could be the marriage of their parents as a whole that will keep them from getting married.

      Like most people “back them” my parents got married because I came on the scene (I’m the oldest of four). And when they would get mad at one another, we would hear the story over and over again of how they wished they would have just moved on (if this was so, my brothers and sister wouldn’t have been born). Which made us, the kids stuck in the middle of their mess, feel as though their failed marriage was all our fault. Because neither one of them where willing to get go. The marriage was over before it even started, but we paid for their stupidity.

      Sometimes it has nothing to do with their parents. It could just be failed relationships in their past that keeps them from commiting in their present. Now days it’s so easy for people to cheat. It like second nature for most to step out side of the trust boundry they’ve established with a loved one. And most everyone has played the fool in the game of love. So to keep this from happing again, they just don’t commit.

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