Divorce Without Children

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How To Handle Children During A Separation Or Divorce

1. Don’t argue in front of them.

2. Leave your new mates out of the transition process. For instance, they don’t need to be the one who drops them off, walk up to your ex’s doorstep, or even be seen riding with the new girlfriend or boyfriend in the car. On occasion you may be riding with him or her, but don’t make it a habit. Sometimes children just want that time with dad or mom to themselves.

3. Answer questions when the children ask. Discuss possible questions they may ask beforehand with the ex so that both of you will be repeating the same story. They may want to know why mommy and daddy are not together a thousand times, answer them a thousand times.

4. Tell the truth about your feelings toward your ex, once the child is an adult and initiates the conversation. Don’t volunteer information.

5. Make the children’s environment pleasant when they come to visit. Clean and comfortable. New bed sheets, cabinets and drawers they can place their toys in, favorite pictures hanging on the walls, a new toy and plans to go somewhere that is fun. Be sure to have favorite foods and treats in the refrigerator and in cabinets, but not in excess. They still need to eat healthy! Don’t watch adult movies, leave adult magazines lying around, look at adult images on the computer and listen to music around them that you know is inappropriate.

6. If you and the new girl or boyfriend, do not live together, then make the time they are visiting for your children. If the children will be staying for the whole summer, then fit in time to spend with her or him, but try not to make it daily. Children will get jealous. Don’t include the mate in all the family activities, go some places without her or him.

7. When children are suddenly misbehaving more, talk with them. Find out how they feel about mom and dad separating, two separate houses, babysitters, the new mate and whatever else you may think are causing the change in behavior.

8. Don’t talk negatively about your ex to the children or in front of them. Conversations about the ex should occur when the children aren’t around. Be sure they are not hiding somewhere in the house eavesdropping on your conversations.

9. Avoid drugs and drinking alcohol around your children. They will tell someone about your partying to someone no matter how much you tell them not to tell.

10. Don’t get your children involved in adult matters. If you lost your job, got caught in a scandal, went to jail, broke up with your girl or boyfriend, etc. Be vague when talking to them, it isn’t necessary to give them all the details. Children sometimes will take mom and dad’s pain personally and will react in ways that we don’t quite understand. Remember they are children, not adults allow them to enjoy their childhood. Preserve their innocence.

About the author: Nicholl McGuire, Freelance Writer, mother of four and divorced. For more information, click on the following:Healthy Transitions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    I need to find Uncontested Divorce NY without children?
    Please help. I’m trying to find forms for Uncontested Divorce without children. We both agree for divorce. But i don’t know where i can download this forms. In official New York law website this forms are in update and doesn’t work.

    • ANSWER:
      NY just moved from divorce requiring grounds to no fault. There may be no forms available yet.

    how do i get a absentee divorce without children in the state of Georgia?
    my husband and I have not lived together for over a year. I do not know where he is nor do I know where he works. I would like a divorce so I can go on with my life.

    • ANSWER:
      You’re not seeking an “absentee divorce” in this situation, because, as you’ve stated, you don’t have children. Instead, you’ll be looking for a “divorce by publication.” It entails filling out a form with your county clerk’s office explaining that you have made an effort to find your husband but cannot, and he will be notified through a newspaper announcement. The link below should help.

    filing for divorce without getting children involved?
    I reside in the state of Louisiana, can my wife and I get a divorce without getting our child involved such as child custody etc.

    can we agree on children visitations etc.without including them in the divorce papers?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no such thing as a friendly divorce… if you do not have the cash, get the book from the public library from No-Lo press on divorce in your state! have all info about the children in writing, else it will come back to bite you!



    I need a absentee divorce without children in Georgia with low income?
    I have very little money and I would like a divorce. My PO is now expire. Please help me. I do not know where he is nor do I know if he still at his old job.

    • ANSWER:
      Get in contact with a lawyer, have them advertise in the paper in the Legal section (like 30 or 90 days) they will tell you, if your husband doesnt respond or put up a fight you will automatically be granted your divorce.

    How long will it take to get a non contested no divorce without children in Massachusetts?

    • ANSWER:
      After the requirements for separation before divorce are met, it should take about 90 days to go through the court system and become final.

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