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Prospective Divorce Attorneys – The 2 Most Important Questions To Ask During An Interview

Interviewing divorce attorneys can be an arduous task. You’re already trying to deal with the myriad of emotions that come with divorce and you’re worried about the financial implications of your choice. If there are children involved, no doubt you’re main priority is to complete the divorce process as smoothly as possible to minimize the disruption to their lives.

Minimizing the stress of the divorce process for all parties involved can be achieved through hiring the right divorce attorney. Firstly, it is important to conduct interviews with three to six divorce attorneys in your area. While there are dozens of questions that you can ask during an interview, they all seem to lead to the same two things – money and experience. It is vital that you ask the following to important questions when interviewing prospective divorce attorneys.

An Initial Question To Start

Yes, there are two main questions you should ask, but before you even choose which divorce attorneys to interview, find out whether they charge for initial interview appointments. In smaller states, you can find divorce attorneys that don’t charge for the first appointment. However, if you live in bigger cities, such as Chicago, divorce attorneys will normally charge a small fee to meet with you for an interview. Be skeptical of attorneys charging the full amount of a divorce for a simple consultation.

#1 Question For Prospective Divorce Attorneys

The first question revolves around money. Divorce can be expensive. It’s not just the division of assets, it’s the cost in working out child support, extras like private detectives or psychologists, and of course the attorney fees. Therefore, the number one priority in your interview process is to find out how much your divorce will cost.

Most divorce lawyers will be reluctant to give you a total cost of the divorce. However, they should be able to ask you a series of questions to deduce a rough estimate of your divorce costs. They should take into account whether your divorce is amicable, whether you have children, and the grounds for divorce (unless you live in a no fault state like California).

As part of this, you should discuss their fee structure. Do they charge by the day, hour, or minute? Does the cost increase if you go to court? Will they charge for advice on peripherals such as tax implications? What are the standard disbursements? Finding a lawyer who does not charge you every time you make a simple phone call will significantly reduce your stress levels, and the overall cost of their time.

#2 Question For Prospective Divorce Attorneys

The second most important question after money is your attorney’s experience. First, determine whether they specialize in divorce law, or simply offer it as part of a number of areas of law. It is better to choose an attorney that is a specialist in divorce law. Additionally, if there are children caught up in the divorce, you should investigate whether your divorce attorneys are qualified in Family Law.

To get a good gauge of their divorce experience, ask them how many divorce cases they have handled that are similar to yours. Look for an honest answer that contains specific details and examples. This way, you can feel comfortable that you will receive the best advice possible on your entitlements.

While divorce law does vary from state to state, asking these two important questions will help you assess which of your divorce attorneys in Chicago, Boston, California, or any other state could be right for you.

About the author: Christine O’Kelly is an author for Vojta Law. The Vojta Law Office has a team of Chicago divorce attorneys specializing in divorce, separation, adoption, paternity, child custody, and spousal support. Vojta Law can effectively assist those needing divorce attorneys in Chicago.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Divorce Entitlements?

    If you are married 10 years you cook clean take care of kids. I would say that would be about hmmm on an average maid salary i will give high amount maybe 0,000.

    Why do they get like 10 million. You didnt really do crap wy do you deserve anything?

    Agree or Disagree.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are smart, get a prenup.

      If you are even smarter, don’t get married.

      The woman may not be ENTITLED to that money, but depending on the state law, it is legally hers. Beware of Golddiggers.

    Divorce entitlements?
    Ok, so hypothetically speaking…What if i get married and the next day she ends up filing for divorce (gold-digger syndrom), does that mean that all of the assets are to be divided 50/50? Such as the house, car, money, etc??? Because somewhere i heard there was a 3 year rule where you must be married for atleast 3 years before any assets are to be divided 50/50.

    Scenerio, I have a house worth 1million dollars, I get married and she files for divorce a day later…is she entitled to 500,000$? (half the house)

    • ANSWER:
      She is entitled to half of everything and half of everything acquired in the marriage.

    What military entitlements are allowed to the spouse after a divorce?
    Married for almost 13 years now but the wife now wants a divorce. The entire marriage was during my military service. I am due to retire in just a few years now.

    I know that once I am retired, she is entitled to half of my retirement pay. But what else? Will she be able to still have an ID card or access to medical/dental? If my wife also has custody of our kids, what entitlements are the kids allowed to receive? Thanks for any answers.

    • ANSWER:
      She gets half of your retirement. Be happy in your second career.

    What are my entitlements if we should divorce?
    I am contemplating divorcing my husband of 16 years..yes,he has been unfaithful.We have three children under the age of 14.What would my entitlements be if I went through with this?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on your financial circumstances now.

      You should see a lawyer first thing tomorrow morning.

    Hi…I got a question about divorce entitlements…..?
    Ive been separated from my wife since Jan this yr. Just wanted to know what the leagalities are if my father gifts me a large some of money before I finalise my divorce. Will my ex be entitled to any of it?”
    I live in Melbourne Australia.

    • ANSWER:
      Get legal advice, we don’t know where you are and are no legal experts.

      Edit. You really need to get legal advice. I’m QLD and went several times to free legal advice – I would imagine there is same kind of service in Victoria. Do some research on that. If your father is giving you money you need to call it a loan or something unless you want her to get some of it.

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