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Amicable Settlement in Divorce

Amicable settlement is always the best and easiest way in a divorce process. This will shorten time on court hearings and trials as well as cut down on costs for d 00004000 ivorce. With this, a case needs to balance on what might be gained from taking a lawsuit forward to a trial.

Normally, a lawsuit that turns going to trial goes pending in court for years. Several months will pass before a lawsuit will move to a trial stage. An amicable settlement of a case will make a quicker conclusion to divorce. A conclusion to the matter and on divorce can be done rather than waiting for months on a court case.

Lawyers for divorce charge a contingency fee as certain expenses are associated with case litigation. It will depend on the type of case being pursued, and your need for expert witnesses. Adding to this is a witnesses charge and fees before taking the stand at a hearing trial. Therefore, an amicable settlement of a lawsuit will reduce expenses for the case.

If parties agree for an amicable settlement, it will also assist on achieving a guaranteed recovery and emotional stability from divorce. Gaining at least some type of recovery is also a significant effect for an amicable settlement. Along this line, lesser stress on going through court trials will help in the process of gaining emotional stability from divorce.

You may lose something in the process, but you can immediately gain life’s positivity and freedom as you learn to settle things with your spouse in a balanced manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does an amicable divorce take to finalize in the state of Oregon?
    Hi Everyone,

    If one were to file for an amicable divorce in the state of Oregon, how long does it take for the divorce to finalize? Also, would one have to file for separation before filing for divorce in Oregon? Anything helps!


    • ANSWER:
      An amicable (or uncontested) divorce is much faster than a contested. However the state of Oregon has a 90day mandatory waiting period. What this means is after all the paperwork is done and filed you need to wait 90 days after the day of filing before you will become legally divorced.

    How can we transfer property in an amicable divorce if the other spouse has bad credit?
    My wife and I are filing our own very amicable divorce. The house is currently in my name and we wonder what our option are for what we can do with it. Ideally, the house would be put in her name but refinanced at a higher cost – net cash out to me. The problem is that her credit is really bad (mine, too), and a refinance in her name may have horrible terms. Is there a way to transfer the ownership of the house to her under the terms of my (the current) mortgage? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      That is not really possible in todays market.

      An alternative is this, place her name on the deed, and give her the option of rent to own. Then you act like the bank and recieve her payments until it is paid off. In the meantime, because that could take her 10-30 years, you could place the house on the market..and split the equity after sale.

    Any one had an amicable divorce?
    My husband and I are going to divorce because of cultural differences but we still love each other deeply. Is it possible to have an amicable divorce, or am I just fooling myself?

    • ANSWER:
      It is very possible. Just use the same attorney, do a complaint, stipulation and agreement and grounds for the divorce. If no one is asking for anything, then you guys should be ok. Unless property or children are involved. Then it could be a little difficult.

    Child support after an amicable divorce in Texas?
    My husband and I have been married for nearly 6 years and we have a 4 year old daughter. I’m strongly considering a divorce, and am weighing all the options (with my daughter as top priority).

    Neither one of us want her to be a pawn in the divorce, and we are ending it amicably. Is it possible for me to not require child support from him, and let the two of us work it out as we go? I don’t like the whole child support idea since it is an amicable breakup. Help?

    • ANSWER:
      Realistically you’d be a fool to think things will always stay friendly. If you can afford to care for the child yourself then don’t bother otherwise do things the proper way and go through the legal procedures you are entitled to. Anybody who thinks things will forever stay amicable has a crystal ball or deep enough pockets to care for a child themselves until they are an adult.

    Texas Divorce court amicable divorce, what if I do not show up for court?
    Ok…It is a totally amicable divorce. No kids. We filled out an agreement that divides property. We are going to sign the petition and waiver, but I am moving far away and do not want to come back for the hearing once all of this is filed.

    #1 what happens if I do not show up to court?

    #2 I want to divorce him and be the petitioner, but because I will not be going to the court hearing should he be the petitioner (he will be at the court)?

    • ANSWER:

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