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Divorce Advice for Men – How to Stop Your Divorce

If you are thinking of ways on how to stop your divorce, you should start planning now. The earlier you plan to stop your divorce, the possibilities of winning back your spouse will be higher. Here are some of the divorce advice for men to save your marriage.

– Never ever show out your desper 00004000 ation
This is an important divorce advice for men because if you start to show out your desperation by crying, kneeling down or begging for not leaving you, you will be making a serious mistake. This may worsen your situation and help the other party to determine the break up more firmly.

– Be a mature person and change your attitude
What actually triggered off a divorce? Was it because of your attitude? Learn to think maturely and dealing with your divorce should be done in a calm and cool manner. Do not attempt to scream or make a big hoo-ha. Both of you are grown up adults and I am sure you want to settle this peacefully. Try to explain that you do not want a divorce in a very peaceful and calm way.

– Both of you need a break

Another divorce advice for men is to learn how to give your wife the time and space to think of the marriage. She is definitely feeling confused and sad now. Tell her that you will respect her decision no matter what the outcome would be. Try to convince her to reconsider her decision during this time. I am sure she will be able to decide better when she is left alone.

– Show her your sincerity

If you are sincere to repair this marriage, you have to nurture the promises given. Let her feel about your sincerity in wanting to solve the problems in the marriage. Maintaining a good relationship is not for time being, it is forever. You have to learn how to keep a good relationship for long term. Show your wife that you are still the same guy that she fallen in love with initially.

There are many Great Divorce Advice For Men to win back your wife. Learn How To Make Your Wife Love You Again by showing her the affectionate love that you can give her.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Great Divorce Advice For Men?
    Can somebody help me for Great Divorce Advice For Men?

    • ANSWER:
      For Legal Divorce Advice For Men, you can contact VakilDesk. com

    Divorce advice for men ?
    I badly need divorce advice for men to win her ! I mean, it’s not fair, I have bought 1 apartment, 1 house and 1 car during our 3 years marriage and now she wants half. She is a lot younger than me, damn it I should have known she was in just for the money. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks God we don’t have any kids.

    • ANSWER:
      Mark, here is what you should do:

      1. Move your documents, records and other papers somewhere else, like a friend’s house or your attorney’s office.

      2. Go to the bank and divide the joint bank accounts in half and deposit your half in your own name.

      3. Close all joint credit or loan accounts and notify the banks, charge cards, and others by a certified, return receipt letter that you are no longer responsible for the expenses of your ex.

      4. Retirement funds acquired during a marriage are marital assets that can be divided by the divorce court. So chances are good that your wife will share in anything you contribute now to your pension plan at work or your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Fill out the paperwork to have your employer stop your contributions to your 401(k) account or other pension plan.

      5. Make a list of everything in the house. Take pictures or video tape everything if you wish. Be sure to date your inventory. Include furniture, furnishings, appliances, clothing and jewelry.

      6. Move any valuables, like collections, jewelry, artwork, firearms, cash, and heirlooms out of the house to a safe place.You can establish a safe deposit box to store your valuables away from the house.

      7. Find a good family lawyer and set up an appointment right away.

      I recommend you check out this link also: http://answersandguides.com/divorce-advice-for-men.php

      Good luck to you my friend !

    Do anyone have advice for Men going back to college over 40, after divorce, paying child support for 2 kids?
    Over 40 years old, can I really get help and assistant to go back to college as a divorce man paying child support for two children?

    Situation: Filed for divorce in 2008. My divorce have been granted in October 2010 and have not yet been finalized. Pay child support for two children. I have one daughter 13 from the marriage and a one year old son out of marriage. I have over 15 years experience working in accounting. I have been living with my brother and his wife as I was basically homeless and was waiting for my divorce to be finalized. I’ve been working for one year on a temporary assignement which ended in Nov 2010. I am collecting unemployment and seeking full time work and looking to go back to college. I am seeking advice as to how to best stabilize myself with my responsibilities and to take charge of my education. I no longer want to neglect my education. I have strong knowledge as an accountant and realtor. I have a real estate license as well. Please advise.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to school. There is plenty of assistance for you. The guy I recently broke up with (long story) is 37 and going through a long and drawn out divorce including child support and alimony. His ex wife is taking everything she can…except his desire to grow as a man and make more of his life so that he can continue to support his 3 boys. He started going back to school last year. He makes a good living now, but sees his potential that he could make more with a degree and I am 137% behind him there. If you’re worried about financial aid, talk to an advisor at the college. He/she can tell you what is available in your situation. Do it.

    Need advice about dating men going through a divorce..?
    I was against this idea for a very long time until I met him. I realized that he’s a real nice, sincere and genuine guy. His ex cheated on him and he has a 3 yr old daughter with her whom he hardly see. We’ve known each other for almost a year now. I learned a lot of life lessons since I’ve known him. I also had a glimpse into his soul and have this deep knowing that he is the one.

    For those who has or is dating someone going through a divorce, what are your challenges? If you could do it all over again, would you date someone who is going through a divorce? What very important lessons have you learned and how has it transformed your life? What helpful advice would you share to those who are new in dating someone who is divorced/going through a divorce?

    Do men going through a divorce eventually starts believing in serious relationships and a second chance for a happy marriage again eventually? What advice could you share. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Step one is always making sure you “see” the current draft of the divorce agreement and the lawyer’s name who is representing him.

      Without that, you are dating a separated married man.

    I really Need advice from MEN re: divorce.?
    The Problem:
    We’ve been married for 1 ½ years now, and everything is either really good, or really bad.
    As soon as the slightest problem comes up. i.e. a bad day or mood in the house, my husband wants a divorce. He’s always saying that, it’s actually to the point where I’m not sure if I can believe him or not, and it’s getting pretty old too. A good example would be last night, we got in a small, very tiny argument about who makes the bed (stupid, I know) and he goes to bed telling me he “can’t take it anymore and wants a divorce”. Can’t take what? We have a great relationship, most of the time that is. LOL.

    So, my question is this… “Why are men like this? What is he trying to ‘say’ to me with this divorce statement?”

    • ANSWER:
      I’d get divorce letters and hand them to him and say ‘if you want a divorce that badly, fill these in and let’s get it over with’
      Dont let him keep saying that he wants a divorce – what a pillock!!! sorry for being rude about hubby but thats such a pathetic thing to say,

      If he says it again just say ‘go crazy mate and get the ball rolling!!!’ he’d poop himself if you said that! x

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