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Ways to Help your Child Deal with your Divorce …

Helpful Divorce Advice for Women

Going through a divorce is a long complicated process no matter how smoothly things are going. Even if you and your spouse are communicating well and have agreed to a settlement, the emotional toll that it takes on a person can be enormous and is often hard to deal with. In most cases female involved in the relationship tends to have the most problems dealing with the divorce, which is why there are number of books and Internet sites that have been dedicated to offering divorce advice for women.

One of the many books that have been published on the matter of divorce that offers advice to women is entitled “Divorce 4 Women”. A woman who went through the entire divorce process herself wrote this book and now she wants to offer advice to other women who are going through what she went through. What this book has been designed to offer you is a roadmap of how to get through the ordeal. Included in this book are stories of other women and what they went through and of how the pain and anger could have been avoided. One of the main things that offered by the book is how to get what you deserve from your divorce settlement. It promises to help you to keep your sanity, children and home. It includes tips for choosing the best attorneys and for getting your finances in order. While this book offers a great deal of information it is important to remember that it was written by someone who had gone through a divorce. In no way is this person a trained professional in the area of divorce and you must keep that in mind when listening to her advice.

There is a multitude of Internet sites that offer advice to women to help them get through the divorce process. Once again these are sites that have been created by people who have more than likely gone through divorce themselves, but it is possible that they do not have any training or experience in the matter at all. It is important that you take this information with a grain of salt and not follow it to the letter. Internet sites simply offer people a great way of getting things off their chest. They can share their feelings and ideas with others. However, when it comes to taking advice from others that may impact your divorce you should do so only if they are trained in the area.

The best places to look for advice are from either divorce lawyers or a maybe a therapist. The attorney will give you all the legal advice that you need to make sure that all your things are in order. The therapist will let you talk and share your feelings and emotions so that you are looking after yourself during the process. The best advice that anyone can give a women going through a divorce is to look after you first and worry about the divorce second. Getting stressed is not going to help anyone.

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10 Responses to “Divorce Advice For Women With Children”

  1. survivor says:

    what red flags are important to look for when dating women after divorce?
    for instance, are they a vicitm, why has every relationship failed, what’s their relationship with their own parents, if children why they didn’t work out their problems, etc… seems i’ve been divorced twice and i always pick the ones with a lot of baggage or are prone to cheat even though they come across as the sweetest women. Any advice on red flags to look for in women? I’d like to hear from the ladies. they know better than anyone.

  2. Max K says:

    Advice with divorced woman with a child?
    There is this woman who is 5 years older than me and I had asked her out, but she thinks we were going as friends she said that. She told me she is divorced and has a 3 year old kid, and for some odd reason everytime I call her she does not answer at all, and only one time I called her she called me back and that was the first time we were going to hang out or something. She told me she could not make it because of a car accident she got in, but she was alright. She told me that we could set-up for another time. Next I told her next saturday good, but before that I asked her if I was pressuring her, and she said no, but on top of that though she said we were going as friends. She told me that those two times they were good chances she could go, but she said she would call me, and some odd reason she never does when she says she will. After that this Saturday she never called and I called to she whats going on, but some odd reason she does not pick up or return my calls?
    Though today was supposed to be the date, and I left her two messages. So should I ask her what had happened during work because she works at the same place as me, or should I just back off. The funny thing is though I asked her if she is interested and she told me that she was and she wanted to go to this one place with her daughter, but she does not seem to want to contact me over the phone. Also before all this happened she told me she was recently dating and it did not work out, but she made it sound like she was busy because of taking of her daughter. Even though I included her daughter into the plans too.

    • Paul B says:

      She doesn’t want to date you. She thinks she is being nice and not hurting your feelings by telling you she will go out and do things with you. Sorry to say it but move on.

  3. Lisa Bee says:

    For divorced women with children please…I am a divorced woman with children and I have recently begun to?
    date again. I have met a great guy that I have a really strong connection to. But I haven’t been intimate with anyone since my ex. I have stretch marks and my boobs have started to sag a little since I breastfeed my children. I do exercise 3 or 4 times a week. I’m 35 and really nervous about what this guy might think of my body. I’m crazy for him, though, and he is about me. Any advice on how to make things not so nerve-racking the first time or how to not be so unsure of myself. I appreciate your kind comments. Thank you for your time in advance. Signed, Really H*rny! LOL!

  4. roughruggedraw says:

    What advice would women give to men particularly their sons if they’re bitter or scorned due to a divorce?
    Some of us went into the marriage with the best intentions. However, it didn’t work out and we may have gotten an unfavorable outcome from the court system.

    I personally am a divorcee. My ex committed adultery multiple times and one of those times was with a close family member. I had to move with my mother thereafter to pay for the house we were living in and my child support for my biological daughter. Shortly after this, I got a vascectomy because I never wanted a child I fathered to be used against me in court. I myself am financially crippled due to it. Due to lack of finances, I have no love life.

    I already know many on this forum will say stop whining and that it’s the price of a bad choice. I just had to ask the question, though if you had a son: How you women would deal with situation? What if he asked to live with you in his economic hardship?

    • Junie says:

      I’m sorry you had such a lousy thing happen to you. A close friend of my Dad’s lost his daughter after a breakup – his exgirlfriend simply moved to Alaska, and refused to be found. It was a terrible experince for him, as he was a very devoted father. I think it took him a long time to trust women again and jump into the dating world.

      If my son went through something like this, he would always be welcome at home again. All of our children would be. Adultery is a heartbreaking thing. Just because it’s common doesn’t make it any less painful.

      Two households will always be more expensive than one. There is just no way to get around it. Everyone is poorer after a divorce, and it is worst of all for the children. I hope that you are able to stay connected to your daughter through all of this somehow. Can you pick her up from school once in a while and spend some time together? Perhaps you can pick her up at her grandparent’s house? It may be difficult to work out if you can’t stand to see your ex, but do try to find a way.

      Best Wishes

  5. Fairy_Lover says:

    POLL for divorced men and woman with children – Need your advice!?
    Would you feel comfortable emailing your ex wife/husband on their fiance’s email account to communicate about your children? Or would you rather email your ex on their own personal email account? My exhusband wants me to email him on his fiances account and I would prefer not to since she gives him poor advice all the time because she’s insecure and HE just does not seem to understand. Unfortunately he and I are not getting along very well and try to communicate as little as possible over the phone. It’s very sad because I am a very nice person and he just refuses to get along. Anyway….what would you do about the email?

    • AugustLeo says:

      As a divorced Mom of two it is absurd for you to have to e-mail him on her account. Issues regarding your children do not regard her therefore she should not have access to those e-mails. Refuse to send any more messages to him via her e-mail. Send it directly to him or do not send at all. Sounds like either she’s getting a kick out of having that type of power or he’s whipped or a combo of both.