Dating A Divorced Woman With Children

How Best You Can Enjoy Dating A Divorced Woman

It can happen to anyone. Your boat could be cruising under so much calmness but within a blink of an eye it crashes out on the rocks. She is divorced and as beautiful as ever. You might wonder why a man in his right senses would let such a jewel slip through his fingers. When Dating a devorced woman be cautious and take early precautions. Gauge yourself and evaluate what you really want. You can do this by identifying your aims and goals in this relationship. Is it marriage you want or is it just a casual fling that you are pursuing? Be careful or she might be too big a fish to fry. But all said and done, it might be your one and only opportunity. It is better to give it a try. Maybe she is what you have been missing all your life.

If you are really determined on dating this divorced woman, remember she comes with extra baggage. She might be having children from her previous marriage or she might not have had any children which would be better for you. When Dating a devorced woman and she has children it becomes complex for you. The child or the children if they are several are her world. All her energies are geared towards the welfare and wellbeing of this children or child. Dating her also becomes inhibitive because she lacks all that time to spend it with you. Do not be surprised if she is not available for a date you had planned with her. Or she brings along a child to the venue of the date. She is a busy woman. She is the mother and the father of her children. She is the sole breadwinner of her family especially if the kids are young.

When the divorced woman you are dating is childless, she is much easier to date and spend lots of quality time together without worrying about children. When Dating a devorced woman with children it is difficult to separate her from the children or her child. They come as one package. You take as it is or leave it if it does not go down well with you. Create a good rapport with the children in preparation for a possible integration into their family and your family. You must be in friendly terms with her child or children for that matter. They must be comfortable with your company or they might resent you for taking the position they regard belongs to their dad. Children might be the greatest challenge to overcome when you are Dating a devorced woman.

Talk with her about contentious issues like money matters between the two of you. For instance who will be taking care of her children or child. Is their welfare being met by her former husband who is also the father of her children? Will she be the one to foot everything? Or will you lend a hand and in which area and what percentage? When Dating a devorced woman who has no child from that marriage take her and accept her as she is. Make her feel appreciated, something she might have lacked from her marriage. Give her your attention. Be a good listener. Assure her of the many wrong frogs she had to kiss before she met the right one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How many men would date a divorced woman with 4 young children?
    I was married for 12 years and we had 4 children. Ages 10, 8 , 3 and 6 months…He cheated on me after beginning a job out of town and left us. Now Im wondering are their men out there that would date a woman with 4 young children?? I have mentioned this to friends and they said that I would be surprised at how many men date woman with children. Obviously I havent dated in quite a while, so Im curious and dont even know where to begin.
    Even though I have 4 kids I know I would be willing to have a relationship with a guy with kids, and yes I would be extremely careful with the kids. They are the most important in my life.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you have men that wouldn’t mind that AT ALL! Especially if the women with the kids, IS A GOOD MOTHER, open-minded and also can still have a child or more children, if the guy doesn’t have any or wants more and the Mother is willing and knows that it, the realtionship will last. I am One Of Them !

    What are the pros and cons of dating a divorced woman with two biracial children?

    • ANSWER:
      Obviously the same pros and cons of dating a woman with two children who aren’t biracial. What is wrong with being biracial? Your question implies that it is a negative.

      I am biracial, educated, successful, and happily married to a wonderful man (who is not of my race) with intelligent confident children.

      I think that divorced woman needs to consider what is the pros and cons of dating a man that looks at the color of her children’s skin, oppose to just ‘children’.

      The President is biracial.

      I only wish every one who judges people on the color of their skin will wake up to the 21st century and climb out of the little bubble that they live in. Your heart will feel so much lighter.

      God Bless those children!

    Dating divorced women with children?
    for those of you out there that are divorced and our single mothers with children, do you find it hard to date any quality guys? do guys come onto you only for you to realize once the children are brought into play that they really don’t want anything to do with your kids? do you find it then hard to date because you’ve been through a few guys that once the reality sets in that you have kids they kind of want to run away or get disinterested? is it therefore hard for you to find quality guys to get into a relationship with? a lot of single divorced moms i know complain about this and don’t even date because of this. they like to go out and flirt but usually stay single. is this true for you?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey. to answer your question.
      Yes. I have been single since my daughter was born last year.
      It is very hard to find a male out there that is willing to accept our child/ren.
      I have been on 3 dates.
      But as soon as i mention my daughter i never hear from the guy again.
      I have gotten used to being single now.
      I do not blame my child for any of this at all as she is my life.
      I will be honest, It hurts to know that no one is willing to give it a go with us females that have children..
      But with saying that it can go both ways that sometime the female isn’t used to having someone around that’s if they have raised the child/ren by them self’s.

    My son dating much older woman with children, should I object?
    My 23 yr old son has recently informed me that he is dating a 34 yr old divorced woman with 2 children, ages 15 and 4. He has been seeing her for a little more than 5 months now but just now chose to tell me because he said he knew I would have concerns because of the age difference. However, he says he is very happy and that they are in love. I don’t see this working out long term and am very concerned about him having this relationship. Any opinions appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      He’s an adult…you don’t have to like it, but it would make your life easier to accept it. You are right, it’s not likely to work out long term…but that doesn’t mean a relationship with someone closer to his age with no kids would work either.

      Let him have his experiences and make his mistakes. If you object, he won’t end it with her and it’ll just make his relationship with you tense. If you can’t support it, at least don’t actually object. Simply tell him it’s his life to lead as he sees fit and you wish him the best (and hopefully that is true).

      Apparently you haven’t met the woman or her kids. They might be lovely people. Although the odds are against them, stranger things have happened…it could work out.

    How do men feel about dating divorced women with children?
    I am 29 years old, was previously married to an abusive man for 7 years, and I have a 9-year-old son. I really want to marry again and experience what it is like to be in a stable, loving relationship and start a family again. The person I’m with now has no intention of marrying me and has even told me that the only reason women with children want to date again is for a meal ticket and someone who will pay for their kids. It really hurt my feelings — especially since I know this is certainly not true for me as I make good money on my own. For the most part I don’t believe him, but still I’m not sure. Is there any hope for me to find love again?
    I am certainly not looking for money, although it would be nice to be with someone with a stable job and income — just like any woman out there expects whether she has children or not. My previous husband had 3 children and made way less money than me. And the guy I’m with now is broke trying to get a business started. As you can see, I am hardly a gold digger.

    • ANSWER:
      A lot of men do feel that the only reason that a single mom/divorced mom wants to have any long term plans with man will mostly have to do with cash flow. Before your relationship started did you ever ask him the “What kind of car do you drive?” and “Where do you work?” questions? Those are red flags that are hard for a man to forget. The best way to impress a man who is afraid of getting shafted by the divorce system is to let him know that it is not necessary for him to have a legal binding contract to you in order to have a relationship. After that your are just going to have to show him that your are not one of the many gold diggers that abound these days. It takes time. Show him kindness. Give him unconditional understanding and demonstrate unquestionable loyalty. If he cares about you in the least you will eventually break thru his well justified concerns. You are not going to get an instant solution to this. I hope you know how to bide your time.

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