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Can a divorce attorney issue a client a 1099 for fees not rewarded?
I paid my first divorce attorney k in fees and hold about 00 outstanding. I was RIFd from my situation in September, have a toddler at home and an investigational ex-husband who hasn’t been paying his child support. The attorney sent me a letter threatening to write rotten…

Can a party stand contained by for a Petitioner contained by a divorce shield if they hold a Power of Attorney?
I would think that since it is a divorce they couldn’t, that the person would any have to show up or not. Most states have no imperfection divorce laws, so if it is a simple divorce, no children, property, or…

Can a relative Attorney represent you contained by Divorce/Custody cases? (Mich.)?
I am in the Army, and during my deployment my wife left me. I never saw it coming and she departed because she was bored. Unfortunately we have a 2yr matured son together which means putting him through this custody crap. When we went to court for the divorce i…

Can a soul near power of attorney to sign my divorce composition?
If I am overseas working for 2 yrs, Can I appoint someone with power of attorney to sign my seprating / divorce papers? (Singapore law) I believe you can appoint someone with fixed power of attorney for a specific legal action singular…I had to do this when I sold…

Can an attorney that have represented you contained by the recent past be call as a witness and testify against you n divorce?
I have just be informed my wife has ask our bussiness attorney to be a witness in our divorce valise.Is this legal or evan ethical?? “> If it’s not legal, the conciliator will throw it out. But, if…

Can an attorney that used to represent my exhusband within our divorce, represent me know contained by our divorce?
i live in kentucky, this is a very repulsive custody battle with a sort out from hell who won’t accept evidence & believes everthing my ex has to right to be heard when he has no proof of anything & he &…

Can anybody grant me a contact# of the best attorney within tulsa oklahoma, my husband cheats and want a divorce.?
You’re on the internet, why don’t you just google one. Go to alllaw.com and do a search. You obligation to put in your state and it will give you a enumerate of attorneys in your area consequently google them. Good Luck!…

Can anyone provide biographical and/or grip history info going on for NY celeb divorce attorney Raoul Felder?
I am interested in the best sources for learning going on for this famous attorney and the cases he has be involved in. He has numerous publications which are the best place to find out information in the region of his work… but in…

Can anyone recommend a apt (inexpensive) divorce attorney contained by Richmond VA?
Preferrably near the West end. Chat live with an attorney on row at you also can find listings right surrounded by your home town for good lawyers as very well. Source(s): I don’t live in Richmond VA but you should enjoy legal aide in your state. I…

Can anyone recommend a divorce attorney surrounded by killen texas that’s inexpensive to struggle a evasion judgement?
Try this site contact your local bar association – they usually have a referral service. Be aware – that any attorney is going to charge the going rate. I don’t have a sneaking suspicion that there really are any “cheap” attorneys. They paid…

Can anyone recommend a divorce attorney surrounded by the St. Louis nouns that specializes surrounded by Father’s rights?
Or does anyone know where I can search to find more information? I can’t recommend a lawyer but as a dad who has be through it myself, make sure you have a honest child custody strategy no matter who the lawyer is. Your…

Can anyone recommend a first rate divorce attorney contained by Berkeley or Jefferson county WV?
I am in need of one ASAP and it seem that all my friends on this side of the state line are joyfully married. I don’t want to go the Yellow Page route with such an historic decision. Thanks “> but you will ask some stranger…

Can anyone recommend a well brought-up atlanta divorce attorney?
I am going through a divorce in Georgia, and need a correct divorce attorney. “> Yeah definitely, check out the law firm of Persily & Associates. http://www.persilylaw.com/divorce – they handle my divorce and they are the best atlanta divorce lawyers in Georgia Go thru the American Bar Association and check their credibilities!…

Can anyone recommend a well brought-up divorce attorney within the NYC nouns?
I have no children, very little property, and am looking to return with divorced as quickly as possible. Thanks. A moral hit-man. (hit person) you dont need a lawyer if within is nothing really between you guys. if you have be separated for at a least year with no…

Can anyone recommend an excellent divorce attorney? ?
need an excellent divorce attorney in Marietta Georgia explicitly great but not the most expensive. I think you should be looking for an excellent Marriage & Family Therapist instead. For that, you can contact Quantum Behavioral Healthcare, which is base in Marietta (or maybe Smyrna, I’m not completely sure). Source(s): Gwinnett resident &…

Can I be my own attorney/Lawyer surrounded by a divorce property settlement?
Also, if I lose-can I appeal? I have NO money to hire an attorney-my ex-wife has someone paying for her a advocate. She is wanting 175,000.00 PLUS wants me to take adjectives the bills. I have 150 acres of land plus a short time farm equipment, tractor’s etc…I am…

Can I directory for divorce minus an attorney? Is it expensive?
Can I file for divorce without an attorney? Is it expensive? Getting divorced after 10 months :( Been together for 10 years and should hold never got married. We have minimal assets together (just a small investment account). No house. No kids. Should be high-speed and simple. I be in…

Can i divorce a soldier contained by Texas beside a power of attorney?
I know how that sounds, but he moved out of my house and in with his girlfriend and afterwards completely cut me of financially and I’m now working 2 jobs only to scrape buy. The army gave him a no contact direct because he has a history of…

Can i divorce a soldier surrounded by Texas near a power of attorney?
Can i divorce a soldier in Texas with a power of attorney? I know how that sounds, but he moved out of my house and surrounded by with his girlfriend and then completely cut me of financially and I’m very soon working 2 jobs just to cut buy….

Can i divorce a soldier within Texas beside a power of attorney?
I know how that sounds, but he moved out of my house and in with his girlfriend and later completely cut me of financially and I’m now working 2 jobs lately to scrape buy. The army gave him a no contact direct because he has a history of domestic…

Can I Divorce my husband? I enjoy his power of attorney.?
My husband has alzhiemers, he gave me his power of attorney a few years ago, I enjoy heard I can not divorce him. Not that I want too ,I just want too know. If you don’t want to divorce him consequently why is this question even on your mind! you…

Can i folder an uncontesed divorce if i am file for child support on my own through attorney nonspecific?
we have one 2 yr old child together, he is paying out of pocket an estimate of what he would be paying if i be to file child support on him. and so my quesition is that : can i file for…

Can I force an attorney to record signed divorce papers beside the court? Yes, the attorney have be remunerated contained by full!?
I thought I was divorced. Over a year ago both parties agreed to a non-contested divorce, we both signed the papers, the attorney signed and the papers enjoy been notarized. I have a copy of the inspired papers. Since…

Can i hold husband take-home pay for attorney fees for divorce?
i owe alot of money to attorney for filling for divorce, husband has moved to another state, he didnt carry a lawyer, im requesting that he pays for some attorney fees also because he moved to another state, so i pretty much had no choice but to wallet for divorce,…

Can I parley to my ex-wife’s divorce attorney?
I am trying to get a copy of all of the documents relating to my divorce, which is currently one executed. However, my wife says that I can’t have them. My dad say it’s my right to have them. Am I allowed to contact her attorney to find out if I can have…

Can i receive a power of attorney to finish my divorce?
i started my divorce in california and now i live within nevada. i have no way to catch to california to have it finished am i able to furnish power of attorney to a family member or a friend to be in motion to court for me or to file…

Can I revoke a power of attorney issued surrounded by an Ohio divorce court?
I was convinced by my former divorce attorney to give my ex-wife Power of Attorney to flog our home. I was planning to move out of state and her attorney felt it would be difficult getting a signature from me out of town. The courts granted the…

Can I sign my husband’s divorce papers if I own a signed Power of Attorney?
Ok I’m wanting a divorce from my husband who is at Fort Jackson SC. I’m only 18 and we got married for adjectives the wrong reasons. He will be recieving a general discharge within the next month. He agress to the divorce but I was wanting…

Can I sue my wife’s divorce attorney for employ horrid divorce policy?
Based on emails and my wife’s actions leading up to me self removed from the marital home, I believe I can prove my wife’s attorney advised her to, “Get him to hit you.” Acting on her attorney’s warning, over the next two days, my wife verbally and physically assaulted…

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Need divorce advice.?
    So, my husband and I have been married for 3 years and we have a one year old daughter. We liked to party a lot before I got pregnant, but after I got pregnant he continued to party. I had a horrible emergency c-section and 1 week later he told me he was working late, but he was actually out partying and left me home for 24 hours. He has stolen money that I had saved up for our daughter. He pawned my jewlry and he stole my credit card many, many times. Since our daughter was born he hasn’t helped with anything, keeping up with bills, keeping up with the baby schedule, keeping up with money, much less shopping for the household. He didn’t do anything unless I asked him to several times. I gave him money to go pay his insurance, next month rolls around, he never paid it.. Same thing happened with the trash bill. I couldn’t keep cash in the house cause he’s steal it, it got to a point that I had to hide my credit cards at night because I didn’t know if I was going to wake up and he was gone or not. So, I eventually broke down one night and called the police. He had stolen my credit card yet again and was at the bar… The police said there was nothing I could do, that he technically didn’t break the law b/c in the state of GA when two people are married all their property is equal. They asked him to leave for the night. Next day he comes back and packs his stuff and leaves. He’s been moved out for 8 weeks and now I have to move my daughter and myself into one small room at my parents. He hasn’t given me hardly any money at all. What should I do? I know I want a divorce, but I don’t know exactly what way I can pursue this.
    Oh, I forgot to mention that I am in school full-time.
    Isn’t this abuse? Couldn’t I possibly pursue it that way? So, all the debt he has in crewed I’m totally responsible? In what way is that fair? He mentally abused me, made me think I was crazy. I’m so depressed and distraught. I can hardly think straight.

    • ANSWER:

    Should i divorce or not? Someone please give me a good and sound advice.?
    I married a girl just after i passed my college B-Tech (it must be noted, that i got a good job). The girl at that point was 24, 2 years younger to me. Her education was only uptill 9th grade.
    Now it has been 4 years since then. I took care of her education and she is now attending college and about to complete her education. She completed 10th from NOS, then 12th and doing her grads in BBM (Bachelor of business management). But slowly i am beginning to feel frustrated. I am feeling that, my whole energy, salary and youth is being wasted in doing all this (sexually also she is not much active). She also has difficulty to adjust with my family, though i admit that my family too has a lot of drawbacks in dealing with her. This has made my mother to stay at her hometown after her retirement and not with me due to fear of altercations or fights (i feel so, not very sure of my mom’s part whether this is the actual reason for her not to stay with me).
    One more thing is, my wife although in her attitude towards me is good, but is too stupid in terms of what i say she forgets after every half an hour and repeats the same mistake which leads to my anger and hypertension.
    Also taking care of her education, my own higher study aim is getting neglected. This is because i am afraid to keep her at my home when i go for any full time course because i am sure she will have fights with my family, also i can’t let her at her (wife’s) hometown because they are not from a very well-to-do and a decent background.
    I sometimes feel that i would divorce her as soon as she gets a job after completing her graduation, and lead a free, independent life of my own with my mother and family as at that time she would be no longer dependent on me. Am i right?
    Someone please give me a good thoughtful advice.

    • ANSWER:
      Very frustrating situation indeed. First of all I applaud and commend for your effort in taking care of your wife individual wise. According to your explanation, your family has many inner conflicts. Your mother and your wife clashes numerous times. I understand where your frustration is coming from as well. When one makes some mistake over and over again. Ugh. Hate those. However, you have done so much for your wife. Your wife at same time I am very sure that she is always grateful to you and the actions you’ve take and currently taking for her. I was always taught to face the problem and fix it on the spot rather than trying to avoid it. This is easier said than being done but try to have your family and you and your wife meet up for family dinner often. You’ve done so much for her and I’m sure your wife will gladly do her best to be by your side as time goes on. Divorce isn’t really good option. If think you must, just keep it amicable.

    Advice to do with a crazy ex-bf?? Please!!?
    Okay, so this a complicated story so I want to thank people in advance for reading this. I’ll start by giving the boy in this story a fake name…”Cole”.

    So Cole and I know each other through other people and we started to talk online and eventually text. We live the distance of half the country away from each other. Even though we’d never met we were always there for each other and he helped me through a rough depression when my parents began their divorce. Even though it was sorta stupid and pointless, it turned into more than just a friendship. Over time, he got more serious about it, hoping to meet in person sooner than later, always begging me to call him even when it was super late in the night and I couldn’t. I even got into trouble because of him and we had to lay low for a while.

    When I started pulling out of my depression, I started to get to know him even better because less time was spent on comforting me. Things went on fine until I started to figure out more about his past…He used to like this girl who rejected him and he wrote dark poetry about her and even drew a picture of himself shooting her. She almost got a restraining order. One day, his school principal found his notebook with the poetry, pics, and whatnot and sent him to counseling. That was a year before we started talking.

    While I was trying to get over that, HE went into a depression. I still don’t know why. It just happened. He couldn’t sleep and I started to realize that he was sort of violent. When I said that some dude made a rude gesture to me (if you know what I mean), he was like “Wow. I could kick his a** right now, kick some serious sh** outta him” and blah blah blah. I don’t mean this in a bragging way, but I’m beautiful. People tell me I should model, so I get attention from guys, which doesn’t really help, because I always slipped up and he’d find out, which made him worse.
    His parents started fighting and he got worse and worse. His dad would get pissed with him and I’d let him rant but eventually he became suicidal. I worried, constantly doing my best I could to help him because I’d been in that situation before. I eventually took it to my school’s counselor and she contacted his school for me. They have been keeping an eye on him ever since.

    I decided that I needed to break up with him because he was dragging me down about two weeks after he first started talking about suicide. I realized he didn’t even like me anyway, just the idea of being accepted. I tried to explain this and other things to him, but he didn’t get it. He started to threaten to commit suicide if I broke up with him and I took it to my school counselor again. This went on for about two months until he and I finally sorted it out and decided to take a break.

    My parents’ divorce is still going on and I found out on Wednesday that I was leaving for a two week vacation in less than 24 hours. I’m on an island now with no cell reception and cannot talk to him except through email. The break was planned to end on Friday and I couldn’t talk to him much. I was lucky I even got to go downtown, the only place i have reception. He got really pissed that we couldn’t talk, especially when I said that the break had not changed my mind: we definitely needed to end the relationship. He started the threatening again, until I changed his mind. Instead, he started to say that if I broke up with him, he would fricken’ kill his father!!!

    I don’t know what to believe but it’s all awful. I don’t really know what I’m asking…just for advice. Thank you. I’ve had a lot on my plate these past 2yrs and having this too isn’t helping at all.
    Thanks for the advice so far…I guess I just don’t know how to make sure he doesn’t harm himself or anybody or how to avoid him. We have connections to the same people and it’s almost impossible to avoid contact in some way, by hearing of the other, or seeing each other online, or whatever.
    I’ve already shared all of this stuff with the counselor, but school is out so I can’t go to her anymore, especially when that’s not my style in the 1st place. I hate talking to people; it makes me feel like I’m under inspection. Usually I can handle things. And my parents really hate our relationship because even though he’s just 2yrs older, they’re super protective and don’t understand anything about me…*sigh*.
    Thanks for the advice you both have given. I’ll try my best and it’ll be easier with your encouragement :)
    I appreciate it.
    Thanks to Dariann Hartman and DFJ too…still figuring everything out…

    • ANSWER:
      That sounds so scary!!! i lost my father and twin sister to suicide. obviously they weren’t treatening me. I think that it’s abusive!!! He has no right to threaten you that way. that is so messed up. Tell him that you would never want him to do that and obviously you have also felt suicidal. i have been extremely suicidal, but i would never threaten someone that way. you have never even met him? I really would say how would you feel if i did commit suicide? it is so messed up!!! He is already hurting you emotionally. just hang in there girl! you are not responsible for him. he is disturbed but so many of us are. life is hard but the world doesn’t revolve around him. also, remeber this situation next time you are feeling suicidal, it is not a way to punish people. it feels like i have been punished but indirectly. i know my family who i loved suffered mental issues. i have them too, but they are my problems, not my boyfriends, not my moms, or my families! they are my problems, between me and god. I hope that you will try to get into a different frame of mind. fight this negativity and push it away! just learn from this. forgive him and forgive yourself for getting into this. its just normal to need friends for advice. you were needing him and thought he was strong but he was feeding on your pain. just take deep breaths and say a few nice things to him and say that you are not strong enough to handle this, you have to maintain your own mental health. say im sorry i let you down, now lets both take care of ourselves and maybe when you are healthy again and hopefully I am too, maybe then we can be good for eachother but this is too much for anyone to handle. He needs to get it together because right now he is hurting you. how can he expect you to save him/ or his father, when he is hurting you? If he gets even more out of his mind, I would report it to the police in his town. I hope he gets some help

    I have an Extremely Complicated Family Law / Divorce Question, please Help & Read?

    I’m going to be filing for a divorce in the state of Texas very soon, the laws here are a bit different, and 90% of mothers do get full custody of their children.

    My 2 questions are as follow.

    First : She leaves the 3 children all under the age of 10 unattended with a 90 year old dying grandmother, which to me is not a suitable baby sitter, once they are put down for bed, she leaves until 7-9 in the morning the next day, the 10 year old has missed a great deal of school becasue of this, (where am I you ask) We have been separated for 4 weeks now, and this is what I have been hearing from her family and what she has been doing, So I contacted a private investigator so i can get concrete proof of this to use in court, becasue I was told a 10 year old’s testimony will not hold up…

    Second : more than 10 parties in her family including her mother have been diagnosed with Pi Polar disorder, My wife denies every day she is not but refuses to get tested, would it be possible to get a court order medical screen for her to get tested, and if a result comes back that she is bi polar, can I use this to gain full custody as well..

    Reason Im asking is becasue I know my wife is a great mother when she is on the wagon and I am at home, but once we are separated she fall off and starts doing things like leaving children unattended, being gone for more than 24 hours while cousins rush in to take of the kids becasue she cant be found.. and so on.

    Texas is a no fault state so regardless if she is cheating on me, they don’t care, I have to be able to prove she is either an unfit mother beyond a shadow of a doubt or, that she does drugs which for as long as we have been together she hasn’t (maybe now though, who knows!) and now maybe a medical defense??

    thank you for taking the time to answer thease questions, The file will be in Fort Bend County just out side of Houston Texas

    also if you have any other advice I should take before perusing anything else please advise…

    Thank you very much

    Bless You

    Answer to Answers

    I Have been trying to work things out, she wants no part..she has never held a job, I have supported this family from the ground up, and my husband and parental duties entail. I would like to work it out, but I need to face facts and be prepared for reality

    • ANSWER:
      Most of the time Mom gets the kids, because most of the time that’s what everybody agrees is the right thing. I only handle agreed divorces, and the last time I researched my cases, the parties agreed that Dad would get the kids only about 11% of the time.

      But judges want to do the right thing. I don’t practice in that part of Texas, but just about every time in my part of Texas that the parties are headed to trial on custody, the judge will order that the lawyers agree on a social worker to do a study on the problems each parent has had, and how the kids get along with each parent individually. The parties split the cost of the study, and it takes dynamite to get the judge to rule differently from what the social worker recommends. And the social workers always want to do what’s best for the kids.

    Is it worth it? I need advice!?
    So me and my husband have been married for almost 4 years now and going through a divorce. He is an alcoholic and throughout our past 4 years it has been rough. He has been in and out of jail and done alot of stupid things while drunk. Well recently while goin through our divorce we started talking again. He has been sober now for almost a year and has got his life on track, more on track than he has ever been. We only have one problem and that is my mother. I am 23 but because of my mother it seems like im still 15. She totally hates my husband and for the things hes done and ever since we started talking I havent told her since I know it would of been one big fight. Well while visiting her yesteray night she decided to snoop into my cell phone and read my messages we have been sending back and forth and she absolutely blew up on me! My husband when he was younger was molested by his mother and she claims hes been molesting my oldest daughter who is seven which is his step daughter and possible touching his own which is our daughter who is two. shes threatened that if we started talking and getting back together she would make sure to let my oldest daughters dad know and she would help get her taken away from me! Am I in the wrong for loving this man and giving him one last chance? Yes he has done alot of dumb things in the past of being drunk, putting me on a 24 hours emotional roller coaster 7 days a week, and he’s talked to other woman while he was drunk, just to put it all out there but in this past year I have seen a complete different man! I just dont know what to do? Is it worth trying with him and possibly loosing it all if one day he decides to fall off track, to possibly break up my relationship with my mother? I feel so lost!

    • ANSWER:
      I have two things to say:

      1) Once a person gets married their allegiance is to their spouse first and foremost, before family, friends, and even children. The reason this is the case is because other people (family, friends, and children) see the actions of the married couple, and if the married couple puts other people before each other than the actions that people see are going to have a negative influence. If a couple puts their children before each other than instead of the children seeing their parents loving each other and working things out between each other first than the children are going to be negatively influenced because the issues between the parents won’t be resolved first. So, to answer your question, yes, it is worth giving him another chance. If he’s been sober for almost a year and has conquered that addiction than he is going to be a completely different man, and will be a better husband and father.

      2) The fact that your husband was molested is a huge concern. People who were molested as children have a much higher tendency to become child molesters. Now, there isn’t much information concerning your mothers accusations. Are they completely out of dislike for your husband? Or are they founded on some kind of evidence? Only you know the answer to those questions. Think and pray (even if you’re not religious, give it a try; God is always with us).

      I hope what I’ve said has helped. I congratulate you on wanting to work through this and keep your marriage together! If you and your husband can work through this, you, your husband, and your children will have a much happier life. Sometimes life is hard, but it’s never impossible.

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